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Holiday Sale Days

Added: Thu, Nov 23, 2017

Two Weekends

December 2nd/3rd


December 9th/10th

Saturdays from 11 to 3

Sundays from 1 to 4

Interview with Jane Herold in Ceramics Monthly

Added: Mon, Nov 14, 2016

Balancing Uniformity and Liveliness - an interview with Jane Herold and two chefs.

Ceramics Monthly, December 2016.

Read the full article (PDF)

Jane Herold Pottery on Video

Added: Mon, Oct 19, 2015

In case you've ever wondered how I make my pots, here's a short video of what goes on in the pottery.

Jane Herold Pottery from nimio on Vimeo.

Online Store

Added: Wed, Jul 1, 2015

Finally! You can buy my pots online with a click and a credit card. I'll ship them where ever you like!

Check out The Pottery Shop online!

Spring Sale Days

Added: Thu, May 7, 2015

Latte, espresso anyone?

Latte, Capucino, Espresso?

May 9th and 10th

Saturday, 10 AM to 4PM

Sunday, 1 PM to 4 PM

Call or email if you'd like to come at another time.

This firing is the first chance I've had to really integrate what I love about the restaurant pots with "my own" wood fired work, and it's been very inspiring. Decoration is at a minimum, serving food being the main goal, but the pots have their own quiet beauty. I hope you'll come have a look!

Chicago, Nashville and Brooklyn

Added: Sat, Jan 31, 2015

Betony pie dish

Open shaped bowl for Betony

You can now eat off Jane Herold Pottery in Chicago, Nashville and Brooklyn as well as NYC. New restaurants using JH dishes are BOKA in Chicago, Chef Lee Wolen, and The Farm House in Nashville, Chef Trey Cioccia. Then right nearby, in Brooklyn you can enjoy Semilla with Chef Jose Ramierez-Ruiz and partner Pam Yung.

In NYC enjoy Betony, Chef Bryce Shuman, Batard, Chef Markus Glocker, Clement, Chef Brandon Kida at The Peninsula Hotel, The Dutch, Chef Jason Hua, Navy, Chef Camille Becerra and out in Rockland County O' Lar with Chef Miguel Dominguez. Enjoy!

December Sale Days

Added: Tue, Dec 2, 2014

olive bowls

Olive bowls.

Two Weekends

December 6th and 7th & December 13th and 14th or by appointment

1 PM to 4 PM each day

Please bring cash or checks, I am not set up for credit cards.

I look forward to catching up with you!

Spring Kiln Opening

Added: Tue, May 27, 2014


This robin was very reluctant to leave the nest in the kiln shed. He/she stayed through the whole first day of the firing. The morning after the firing all 4 baby birds were sitting on the nice warm kiln.

Saturday May 31st

Sunday June 1st

1 PM to 4 PM

or by appointment at other times.

This young Robin refused to leave the nest in the kiln shed through the whole first day of the firing. As the kiln cooled all four fledglings sat on the nice warm kiln. Hard to believe they fit in the nest! Or that so many pots fit in the kiln.

Restaurants serving on Jane Herold Pottery

Added: Thu, May 23, 2013

Betony pie dish

Open shaped bowl for Betony

Aska, at Wythe and N 11th, Brooklyn, NY, Chef Fredrik Besilius

Batard, 239 West Broadway, NYC, Chef Markus Glocker

Betony, 41 West 57th Street, NYC, Chef Bryce Shuman

Clement, Peninsula Hotel, 700 Fifth Ave, NYC, Chef Brandon Kida

NAVY, 137 Sullivan St, NYC, Chef Camille Beserra

O 'Lar and Bunbury's, Piermont, NY

The Dutch, 131 Sullivan St. NYC, Chef Andrew Carmellini

Fall Sale Days

Added: Thu, Sep 20, 2012

Edges of plates

10 1/2 inch dinner plates, stony glazes.

Please join me for cider and ginger crisps and lots of new pots!

Saturday and Sunday, September 29th and 30th
From 10 AM to 4 PM
At The Pottery on Ludlow Lane, Palisades, NY

If these times don't work for you let me know when is good, I'm usually here, and happy to have you come by. The showroom is always well stocked, so don't be shy if you need a gift for someone or a treat for yourself, it's a nice outing, with lovely walks to the river or Tallman, good food in Piermont (try O 'Lar, they use my dishes!) or Bunbury's for coffee, served in a Jane Herold mug. Custom made dinnerware, wedding platters and baby plates all made to order. I hope to see you! Jane