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Added: Mon, Jan 22, 2007

FREJ - NYC. Great food prepared by wonderful people and served on Jane Herold pottery. A short video on their website shows Jane making a plate. Great place, worth a visit.

Sara Japanese Pottery - NYC. Jane Herold's pots are now available at this beautiful spot in Manhattan. Stop in at 950 Lexington Ave. between 69th and 70th streets.

Liz Lurie - Liz has a beautiful website with beautifully designed pots.

The Pucker Gallery - Boston, Mass. A gracious and friendly gallery that shows some really fine pots. Don't miss the upstairs collections.

The Little Flower Shoppe - Ridgewood, NJ. This wonderful shop has old pots, Morecroft pottery imported from England, Jane Herold pottery and beautiful flowers. And a very congenial manager as well!

Gallery Gen - NYC. Keep your eye on this gallery, they have changing exhibitions of various arts, including a lot of pottery. - A great source of information, with lots of additional links. - Ron and I built the beehive kiln together, his site has a good description of the kiln. - I apprenticed with Michael Cardew at Wenford Bridge Pottery. This site is his son Seth's, who is now working in Spain. - Great painter of watercolors, maker of sundials and my husband too!

Down to Earth Exhibit - West Chester, Pa. A month long exhibition and series of events supporting the "Buy Fresh, Buy Local" movement to raise awareness and support for local, sustainable agriculture, and for Good Food! Which of course is greatly helped by good dishes! The Art Scene continues to show some of Jane's pots.

Phil Rogers Pottery - Wales, UK. Phil has a wonderful website and makes wonderful pots. He also has a huge number of very worthwhile links if you have lots of time to spend in cyber-space. His book on Ash Glazes is quietly inspiring.

Wood Fired Ceramics-A relatively new site that has quickly organized and presented the work of a great many wood-firing potters.