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Bon Appetit writes about Jane's studio

Added: Sat, Aug 8, 2015

View from the pottery

The view from the pottery.

Here's a link to their article. Click through to the tour of the pottery with explanations on the side.

Bon Appetit

Added: Wed, Jun 10, 2009

Roger Lipsey, "Woodfirers of the Hudson Valley," Ceramics; Art and Perception, No. 53, 2003

"Jane Herold's work….bears that rich stamp of rural English pottery, of the resolute purpose to make useful objects for daily life….....a series of dinner plates is particularly pleasing. Their swirling linear sgraffito design is a meal in itself…..There is no need to serve a meal; just serve these plates and all will be well."

Mary D. Kierstead, "Gifts for the House, Baby It's Cold Outside," The New Yorker, Dec. 14, 1992

"Across the Hudson River and into the trees-Snedens Landing, New York, to be precise-there lives a potter…...She makes pottery to mix in, cook in, serve in, eat from, store in, or sit on….All her work is easy to live with, she will make things to order, and she doesn't charge enough."

Betty Freudenheim, "Potters' Show Mixes Serenity and Whimsy", New York Times, Apr. 7, 1991

"Jane Herold uses the graceful brushwork of Japanese ink drawings. With three or four strokes, she paints a bird or fish that conforms to the contours of her platter or bowl. These are worked in blue on white with the direct simplicity of Oriental pattern and form. Her large four-handled urn, however, evokes the amphoras of ancient Greece. It is glazed in earth tones with an incised antelope leaping across the base."

Ellen Denison, "Potter incorporates woodfire in her work", The Concord Journal, Oct. 28, 1993

"Potter Jane Herold takes from nature its movement, its color, its shape, and much of its function, and spins these qualities into pieces that sit solidly and without pretense and yet have the very finest in detail that nature can so seamlessly provide…Herold's pottery is insistently functional yet inherently beautiful. All pieces are meant to excite with their plain beauty while they rise to their simple tasks."

Jane Herold .... on her pots

"While I've provided a traditional resume, my real standing in the world of pottery comes not from galleries and exhibitions, but from the literally hundreds if not thousands of people who have over the years bought and used my pots. Their dining tables and sideboards, counters and kitchen sinks are the exhibitions of which I'm most proud. The best pots I've made leave a real sense of loss when they finally break and are gone. But it would leave me with an even greater sense of loss and frustration if they were preserved forever but never given a chance to enter someone's life through daily use. Use is an honor, the truest praise you could possibly give, for the kinds of pots I make. I hope they will be judged after long and intimate acquaintance, after dozens of casual, half attentive inspections, after moments of real thought and contemplation, after many good meals shared with people you love. Like old friends".

O.T. Morwick Kendall, "Jane Herold: A Life With Pottery"

"Even with her growing success, her prices support her belief that pottery should be used rather than sitting on a shelf…..She has found ways to combine her love of painting with her love of potting by sketching beautiful designs on some of her work….she says, " I want the same thing in pots as I want in life. Warmth, presence, relatedness, humanity."

Tony Moore, "Passionate Fire", Ceramics Technical, No. 16

(Speaking of the artists in this exhibition). "I have found in them a camaraderie of the spirit, a bravery, a single mindedness against huge odds, an almost heroic endeavor to do and to make. Whether functional objects or sculptural in intent, the works in this exhibition provided an overview of the splendid diversity of form and exploration in woodfired ceramics today."

Ann Stern

"My birthday request was for one plate made by Jane….and you gave me two….I was quite overwhelmed by their beauty….When I eat from the plates it is as if I am looking deep into the sea, or a painting….and makes a difference to my life. Funny about beauty…."

Beth Wiley, Earth and Fire Gallery

"Her (Jane's) work is entirely beautiful in it's simplicity and functionality"